The avocado oil "Avogratto". Is made with the most exclusive avocados from export and domestic production, has no food preservatives and it is 100% made of avocado oil. It is not mixed t with other oils.

The 12% of the green-yellow gourmet oil is extracted from the pulp of the fresh fruit through high quality standards. the taste and the smell can be perceived as the fresh avocado. The low levels of fatty acids make it more stable.

The avocado oil "Avogratto" is a monounsaturated gourmet oil with Omega 3, 6 and 9 highly recommended by medical specialists for its nutritional and healthy benefits, it also contains vitamins A, B, D and E, 14 minerals and beta-sitosterol.

The avocado presents a favorable relationship between monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, optimizing the functions of the first ones, tho analysis qualifies the avocado as an excellent source of vitamins, because it contains them in quantity, quality and harmony, maximizing the absorption by the body. (Source: GDepartamento de Nutrición Guayal, S.A. México, 2001)

The avocado oil "Avogratto" has become the prefered oil used by important international chefs for its high smoke point (260° C) and viscosity, and also because it does´t modify the taste or the smell of the food, it does´t stick to the food and you use less oil to cook than with traditional oils, even the olive oil.

The avocado oil "Avogratto" is a very precious oil because it is use not only in traditional kitchen but also in the most refined dishes for its delicate taste that it leaves in the food besides its nutrimental and healthy contribution.

The consumption of the avocado oil "Avogratto" may increase the ability of the body to absorb the plant nutrients. Therefore avocado is considered as well as the avocado oil on the list of the most healthy foods in the world.


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